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Round 8 Watt Bike review 27th Feb League PDF Print E-mail

If it is Friday evening it means only one thing to local cyclists; WATT Bike League. There was a hint of apprehension and nervousness as riders prepared for the evening’s races at Friary Grange Leisure Centre. The ½ mile dash is the first of the races and as the riders await the start signal a hush descends upon the room. In Group 1 Simon Ham records a time of 57.11 seconds, enough to take the victory away from Brian Edmunds 57.79 second ride. Julie Cooper however was clearly not going to let the men have it too easy and her 58.81 second ride gave her 3rd place. Group 2’s winner Mark Whiteley completed the distance in 52.91 seconds, Alex McDonald recorded a 54.37 second ride just ahead of Steve Clarke’s 54.74 seconds. Dave Smith and Phil Kelly were both promoted into Group 3 as a result of their previous successes in Group 2. Mixing it in with the big guns of group 3 would challenge both of the riders during the course of the evening. Simon Smith however won Group 3 in 49.19 seconds. Second place went to Paul Askey in 49.34seconds. Ed Coppinger was third one second later. The 3 seconds that divided Ed from Kelly who took 4th place shows the gap that he and Smith who took 5th need to bridge to compete within this strong group of riders.

Watt Bike youth race report 24th Feb PDF Print E-mail

dsc_0709z.jpgTuesday 24th February is Pancake Day but it is also Round 5 of the WATT Bike Youth League at Friary Grange Leisure Centre. A field of Lichfield based riders mixes it with riders from Newcastle under Lyme and Birmingham. As they prepare for the first of the evening races.

The 500metre Time Trial takes Imogen Crooks 38.57 seconds to complete, 2 seconds ahead of Paige Millward in 40.01 in 2nd place. Sallie Birchall crossed the line in 3rd place with a 43.67 second ride.

Group 2 riders were poised and ready for action as the “GO” signal was given. Jacob Kelly took first place with a ride completed in 33.55 seconds which was 2 seconds faster than the previous week. Sam Birchall came 2nd in 35.70 and a finish time of 36.63 seconds gave Alison Holmes third. Veteran and Under 16 years riders mixing it in group 3 sees age versus youth. Phil Kelly wins it for the Veterans in 30.32seconds followed by veteran Nick Selibas in 31.20.

The next event of the evening was the “Win & Out”. In this race the first rider to reach 200m wins the race and plays no further part in the event as the other places are contested. With the subsequent 2 further places decided using the same principle it becomes a desperate challenge for riders to reach the 200m line before anyone else. A few seconds recovery between each contest means the final contest between the last 3 riders over 400m is a real test of spirit, endurance and determination. Sallie Birchall wins in group 1 with Paige Milward 2nd and Imogen crooks 3rd

Jacob Kelly clearly back on form wins in Group 2 with Birchall in 2nd and Alison Holmes in 3rd place. Phil Kelly wins in group 3 and maintains family honour; Ben Hendon wins the 2nd sprint and Selibas the 3rd sprint.

The team sprint saw Sallie Birchall and Imogen Crooks paired up and taking victory in Group 1, followed by Emily Capewell and Isabelle Clarke. Group 2 had an odd number of riders and so Sallie Birchall of group 1 rode again and paired up with Jacob Kelly. They took 2nd place behind Alison Holmes and Luke Selibas. Birchall did well to ride so soon after her own group’s event and should be proud of achieving 2nd place with Kelly. The pressure was clearly present in Group 3 and the pairing of Bertie Newey and Phil Kelly was relegated to 2nd place behind Selibas and Steve Clarke. Clarke had been drafted in for this race from the spectators as Ben Hendon was feeling unwell after his efforts in the earlier events.

The 4th event of the evening for the Group 1 riders was “The Devil”. Last man, (or woman) across the 200m line is eliminated and this process continues until 3 riders are left. Paige Millward wins in group 1. Emily Capewell takes 2nd place and Sallie Birchall takes 3rd place. Group 2 was once again dominated by Jacob Kelly with Sam Birchall 2nd and Alison Holmes finishing in 3rd place.

Group 3 however were down to just 3 riders and their event became a Course de Primes. This race sees riders competing for points in 4 sprints in order to take overall victory. Youth however took its revenge and Bertie Newey took the honours in the group with Kelly and Selibas having to settle for 2nd and 3rd place respectively

Group 1’s final event was the 500m handicap. In this event riders are set off at different intervals depending on their earlier times in event 1. Isabelle Clarke won in 45.41 with Emily Capewell 2nd in 46.13 and Imogen crooks with a 46.17 second ride claiming 3rd place. Overall in the evenings races, Paige Milward was 1st followed by Capewell and then Imogen Crooks. Taking his 4th win of the evening Jacob Kelly completed the distance in 42.21. Alison Holmes finished in 42.94 and Sam Birchall took the third spot with a time of 44.84 seconds. Kelly therefore won overall in group 2 with Sam Birchall and Holmes sharing 2nd place.

In Group 3 meanwhile Nick Selibas won in 32.64 seconds with Newey 2nd in 33.41 and Phil Kelly 3rd in 33.43. Kelly however won the group with Selibas 2nd and Newey 3rd.

The overall standings for the league see Lichfield’s Jacob Kelly leading with 59points followed by Paige Millward with 46. Sophie Capewell who had been unwell, and therefore missed the evening’s races falls to 3rd place. Her 41 points, however keep her in contention for 2nd place overall with just 2 rounds left of the league itself.

The final event for the Youth riders is on Tuesday 10th March. The majority of the riders will all be in action at the British Schools Cycling Association National Roller Racing Championships on Sunday 15th March. Emily Capewell is the current Best All Rounder Champion for Under 12 girls and she goes into the event with the aim of defending her National BAR title hopes. Sister Sophie Capewell was placed 2nd in last years national title race for under 10’s and won the regional title. Jacob Kelly is the current under 12’s regional champion but with his move up to the Under 14’s category he is looking to better his national placing whilst retaining his regional title. The event takes place at the Friary Grange Leisure Centre from 10.00am and spectators are welcome, as the event make for fascinating spectating. Call the leisure centre on 01543 308842 for more detail
Round 6 Watt Bike review 13th Feb PDF Print E-mail

cycling_pics_2009_season_145-2z.jpgNicky Healey recorded a 1.17.46 for the 1000m Scratch race which kick started the 6th Round of the Friday night WATT Bike League on 13th February at Friary Grange Leisure Centre. Stuart Clark and Dave Lowe took 2nd and 3rd place respectively behind her, all three of them finishing within 1 second of each other.

Group 2’s winner Phil Kelly completed the 1km race in 1.10.67 with Paul Smith 2nd in 1.11.97 followed by Steve Whitehouse just 1 second later. A time of 1.05.03 gave Warren Holmes the win in Group 3 followed by Ed Coppinger 2.22 secs later. Graham Birch clearly settling into his promotion to Group 3 came third in 1.08.03.

cycling_pics_2009_season_190z.jpgThe next event of the evening was the “Win & Out”. In this race the first rider to reach 200m wins the race and plays no further part in the event as the other places are contested. With the first 6 places decided using the same principle it becomes a desperate challenge for riders to reach the 200m line before anyone else. A few seconds recovery between each contest means the final contest between the last 3 riders over 400m is a real test of spirit, endurance and determination. Stuart Clark, Steve Clarke and Paul Askey all won in their respective groups, sat back and relaxed as the other riders all battled for placings.

Anybody who thought the Keirin would allow some form of rest was wrong. 12year old Jacob Kelly, the leader of the Youth league, stepped in to ride the pace bike over the initial 700metres. He whipped the pace up such that Nicky Healey won Group 1 in 1.23.87, Dave Smith won Group 2 in 1.17.69 and Ed Coppinger finished in 1.15.75 to win Group 3.

Watt Bike youth race report 10th Feb PDF Print E-mail

cycling pics 2009 season 085z.jpgFive, Four, Three, Two, One, Go and the first race of Round 4 of the WATT Bike Youth League at Friary Grange Leisure Centre is underway. The 500metre Time Trial takes Sophie Capewell 38.04 seconds to complete, a clear 5 seconds ahead of Sallie Birchall (43.16 secs) and Isabelle Clarke in 43.83 seconds. Group 2 riders were poised and ready for action as the “GO” signal was given. Jacob Kelly took first place with a ride completed in 35.61 seconds. A finish time of 36.44 seconds gave Alison Holmes second with Sam Birchall securing 3rd place in 37.24 secs. The older riders of Group 3 showed their strength and speed as they all finished within 1 second of each other. Ben Hendon however took the win in a time of 30.88 seconds.

The Keirin event made its return to the league once again. An additional WATT bike is used to pace the riders of Group 1 to the 600m point. If any rider was to pass the Pace Bike before the 600m mark they would be eliminated. All riders reached the vital mark safely and sprinted it out over the final 200m. A ride timed to perfection gave Sophie Capewell the lead over the line with Isabelle Clarke and Georgia Tonks following behind her. Group 2 raced over 1000m, with the Pace bike dropping off at the 700m mark. The final 300m was a close call with just 2/100ths of a second separating first place Luke Selibas of Birmingham Cycling Club from Jacob Kelly of the Lichfield CC. Group 3 and its guest riders raced the same distance as Group 2 and was won once again by Ben Hendon.

Round 5 Watt Bike review 6th Feb PDF Print E-mail

20090109 lichfield city cc 088.jpgThe winter blues continue into February as riders assembled for Round 5 of the WATT Bike League. The temperature certainly warmed up as the racing at Friary Grange Leisure Centre got underway.

With the riders warmed up and ready to go the ½ mile dash became the latest in a series of new races developed by the organisers. Mark Whiteley, of Group 1, riding the WATT Bikes for the first time got the evening off to a good start with a 58.10 second ride, Brian Edmunds followed in 58.25secs and Stuart Clark was third in 59.72 seconds. Group 2’s race was won by Paul Smith in 54.54 secs followed by Neil Lawford and Bertie Newey. Paul Askey clearly throwing the gauntlet down to the other Group 3 riders won in a time of 49.82 second, but with less than 1 second between him and the next two riders (Ed Coppinger and Steve Gould) the other riders seemed prepared to take on the challenge.

20090109 lichfield city cc 073.jpgA twist to the familiar Points race format saw the race restarted every 250metres. This ensured that riders also had to ride tactically, recover quickly from sprint efforts and keep track of the points other riders had gained. A weaker ride or a slip in attention could easily mean that the race could be lost. Stuart Clark won in Group 1 with 6 points followed by Beth Clayton with 4 and Michelle Drakeley with 3points.

Group 2’s race was won by Graham Truelove with 6 points, who contested all the sprints but left enough in reserve to take the final sprint which is worth double points. Paul Smith was second with 4 and Neil Lawford and Bertie Newey both finished on 3 points.

Round 4 Watt Bike review 30th Jan PDF Print E-mail

p1230020a.jpgA cold and wet Friday evening in January is usually not an attractive option for riding a bike. When the bikes are indoors and it’s the 4th Round of the WATT Bike racing league it’s an altogether different scenario.

With the riders warmed up and ready to go the 1000m Scratch race was the first of the evening’s races. Rob Satherley, of Group 1, riding the WATT Bikes for the first time, showed early signs of being the on form rider winning in a time of 1.15.60mins. Group 2’s race was won by Dave Nelson with a time gap of just 3 secs. separating him from Simon Newey in 2nd place. Paul Askey won in a time of 1.10.50 mins for group 3 but was pushed all the way by Graham Birch who took 2nd place just 5 tenths of a second behind.

The Devil race, with pre-determined distances meaning the last rider to reach it is eliminated, guarantees fast and furious race in which tactics are all important. Satherley of Group 1 won again, as did Simon Newey from Group 2 and Simon Smith of Group 3.

p1230002a.jpgThe short distance, 500m, of the next event belies the effort that the riders will put in. The starting effort is all important and many riders adopt the same techniques to do so as used by the likes of Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. A time of 33secs for Julie Cooper meant she took the Group 1 honours. A fast and furious event in Group 2 with just 4 seconds separating all the riders saw Simon Newey win in a time of 29.6secs. Riders in Group 3, among them cycling champions, were keen to deliver the fastest times of the evening. 28.7secs by Warren Holmes ensured this was the case with a valiant effort by Paul Askey of 28.8 secs. giving 2nd place.

The next race, Course de Primes, (the race of sprints) consists of 6 x 200m sprints and a final 400m sprint. The first rider to reach the 200m mark earns a point; double points are awarded on the last sprint. The rider with the most points wins the race. This really is a tactical race as riders choose when to time their efforts to best effect. It is unlikely that a rider will take consecutive wins and the race could even be won by the rider who saves their energy for the last sprint. Julie Cooper, Dave Nelson and Gary Gee took the wins in their respective groups.

Watt Bike youth race report 27th Jan PDF Print E-mail
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dsc_0546.jpgOn Tuesday 27th January, young cyclists assembled once again for Round 2 of the Friary Grange leisure Centre WATT Bike Youth League. A full contingent of 6 riders in each group would ensure an evening of competitive racing.

The first victory of the night went to Paige Millward who completed the 750m time trial in a time of 1.04.86. Sophie Capewell was 2nd less than 1 second behind her. In Group 2, Jacob Kelly completed the distance in 57.36 seconds with Sam Birchall 2nd in 57.43 seconds. The shouts of encouragement were deafening for both riders and no one really knew the outcome of this race until the finishing times were displayed.

A 3 up team Sprint was the next event, each rider completing 250m and the cumulative time of the team to count. The 750m race was won by Sallie Birchall, Isabelle Clarke and Paige Milward. In group 2 the trio of Kelly, Hannah Tonks and Imogen Crooks emerged victorious.

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Watt Bike youth race report 20th Jan PDF Print E-mail
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dsc_0536.jpgLichfield’s Friary Grange Leisure Centre pulled off a first yet again as it held the first ever WATT Bike Racing League for Youth riders.

A field of 12 riders had entered the inaugural event using the revolutionary WATT Bikes, as used by Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and other members of the GB Olympic Cycling Team.

The entrants had all been split into 2 groups and would take it in turn to contest the 5 races for each group.

The initial event of the evening was a 500m Time trial, equivalent to 2 laps of a velodrome, the all out effort was however not a gentle introduction to the evenings races. Group 1 winner was Sophie Capewell of Lichfield CCC in a time of 38.37secs; Sam Birchall from Lyme RC won Group 2 in 35.15secs

dsc_0545.jpgThe next event was a Win and Out. In this event the first rider to reach 200m wins the race overall, but then the race is restarted to determine 2nd place over a second 200m distance. The same is repeated for 3rd place so that 3 riders are then left in the race and they race over 300m to determine 4th, 5th and 6th places.

In Group 1 Sophie Capewell won again with Paige Millward of Lyme RC in second and Emily Capewell 3rd. Group 2 was won by Jacob Kelly of Lichfield CCC, Sam Birchall was 2nd and Hannah Tonks finished in 3rd

A short respite led riders into the 500m Team Sprint with riders paired up, in order to race 250metres each and their cumulative time used to determine finish positions. The winners from Group 1 were Emily Capewell and Paige Millward with Jacob Kelly and Jenny Halling taking the honours in Group 2.

The Reset Points was contested over three 400m sprints followed by a final race over 800m. Riders down to 3rd place for each sprint scored points in order to determine the overall winner for the race. Paige Milward emerged victorious in Group 1 with Sophie Capewell 2nd and Isabelle Clarke in 3rd place.

A close race in group 2 saw Sam Birchall take the honours followed by Jacob Kelly and then Hannah Tonks.

The final event of the evening was a 500m handicap time trial. In this event riders were set off at intervals dependant on their time from the evening’s first race. Sophie Capewell proved to be the on form rider and took first place, followed by Paige and then Georgia Tonks in Group 1. Group 2’s thrilling race saw Jacob Kelly win with Birchall in 2nd and Hannah Tonks in 3rd place.

The overall group placing for the league means that in Group 1 Sophie Capewell leads followed by Paige Millward and then Emily Capewell. Group 2 is led by Jacob Kelly, then Sam Birchall with Hannah Tonks in 3rd place. The next event takes place on Tuesday 27th January at the Friary Leisure Centre. For more information please contact Phil Kelly at the leisure centre on 01543 308842 on Nigel Capewell on 07768 560 932. Details and entry forms are also available on www.lichfieldccc.co.uk

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